S80 El Camino
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    Thread: S80 El Camino

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      I really like that. I’m still a fan of any V8 El Camino I see, and there are many here in Florida. The dude’s conversion work looks really nice.

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      I would love a real 2 door S80.

      FWIW, a trailer hitch should mandate a tranny cooler.
      S80 T6 2001 IPD Tune w/torque delete, Ferrita Dual 2.5" DP/CB 3" exhaust, Volvo Tranny cooler, Bilstein HD's, H&R Springs, IPD Anti-swaybars, IPD End-links, IPD Skid Plate, AEM Water/Methanol kit, IPD Lower Tranny Mount, Ultra Racing Front & Rear Strut Tower Braces, and Front and Rear undercarriage braces, Heico Front Spoilers, 17x8 R Pegs, R Calipers and Rotors, Front Girodisc, 5 & 10 mm H&R spacers, etc...

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