Front Windshield film Llumar air 80
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      Front Windshield film Llumar air 80

      Hello my xc40 t3 finally arrived I am thinking about applying film for front windshield and I found that Llumar air 80 is made for windshield are there any air 80 front windshield users is there any problems with signals (intelli safe adaptive cc) or if there is any users I would like to hear from them about 3m crystalline, happy driving...

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      I have Huper Optik C70 on the front windshield of my V70R. It causes no issues with the rain sensor. It's practically invisible, but the UV protection, and heat rejection are AMAZING!!!
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      I have Air Blue 80 on 3 of my cars, no issues on any of the windscreens.
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      A bit late to this thread but wanted to ask the original poster if you went with the Air 80? Thinking about the same for my V90.

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