A Little Perspective on the European Heat Wave
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      A Little Perspective on the European Heat Wave

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      "Predictions are really hard, especially about the future." -- Yogi Berra

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      Ok 51 seconds in and that guy is an idiot. No he's a agent for big oil.

      She (Greta) wants to cut off her own lifestyle in order to save herself from her superstition.

      Fed lines? That's what he's doing. Guy is a dumbarse. Tony Heller? Stooge.

      He says, "fossil fuels... The same ones that provide food".

      Fossil fuel doesn't necessarily provide food. It does and it doesn't. You don't need fossil fuel to plant seeds in your backyard.

      The guy is basically implying that humans could not survive without fossil fuel. He's a paid off doosh.

      It's kind of like which came first, the chicken or the egg?

      But you can walk to the grocery store and buy ....say... Some Bartlett pears. Cut them open carefully and extract the seeds and place them in a pot of soil. Now, will that seed bud and grow into a tree that produces Bartlett pears? Maybe. Or maybe it will need to be grafted.

      But the point is that the guy is blowing smoke up his viewers arse. Big oil are shytting themselves. Which goes to show you how demonic the people are who control the energy industry. The way they pay people fiat currency to try and shut down those who offers alternatives to oil.

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