White 1966 PV544 - San Francisco, CA
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      White 1966 PV544 - San Francisco, CA


      Your name: {redacted}
      B]Preferred method of contact: [/B]email to {redacted}
      Location: San Francisco, CA
      Price: Flexible; I will not refuse a reasonable offer
      Make/Model: Volvo PV544 G
      Year: 1966 chassis with 1962 B18 engine
      Mileage: odometer non-op
      Color: White
      Transmission: Manual
      Condition: Fair (running, previous daily driver)
      Pictures or a link to an album: https://www.flickr.com/gp/marriedwithdinner/4gyH8A
      Options/Packages: B18 Sport
      VIN: 437114
      Modifications: weber carb, aftermarket interior, external water temp gauge
      Accident history: none during my ownership
      Maintenance and service history: Regular oil changes and service by local Bay Area vintage Volvo specialists of yore (Dean's, Motorwerkstad, etc.). Somewhere I have a file folder of the service records, which I need to unearth.

      • The car was my daily driver for 15+ years but I no longer have garage space (or much of a need for a car) and staying ahead of parking enforcement has become a part-time job. The car is registered, insured, and running with a few minor issues.
      • The car has a 1966 chassis -- from that fractional model year at the end of production -- and a 1962 engine. Originally I purchased the '66 as a parts car, but it turned out it was the stronger of the two vehicles (other than the engine).
      • In 2002, I had the whole car repainted inside and out, and replaced all the missing chrome and rubber trim. Since that time, the topcoat has failed and rust is an issue. (Again, see the photos.)
      • Aftermarket seats, Weber carb, external temperature gauge (added in 2002), but I believe is otherwise fairly standard, other than the usual modifications to account for lack of OEM parts.

      • Known issues:
      - Flaky turn-signal/horn fuse. Needs to be spun to work.
      - Cracked rear turn signal/brake light lens.
      - Wonky exterior driver side door handle (I've been getting in and out of the car on the passenger side. It's an easy fix but I haven't had the inclination to take the door apart and hunt for the parts.)
      - Moderate rust and topcoat failure, plus more-severe rust in the driver side footwell. All shown in the photos.
      - Missing antenna, non-operational dash radio.
      - Non-operational odometer.
      - I cannot locate the pink slip (it's in the folder with the other records) but the car held in my name only and the registration is paid through 02/20. California DMV has confirmed that a paperless title transfer is not a problem.
      Last edited by anitaepler; 12-19-2019 at 11:32 PM. Reason: car sold; removed contact info for privacy

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