I've got a complete (?) 1958 PV444 split window car that is stripped down, all parts that came with the car are there. Upholstery is off the seats and gone due to previous rat problem. Anyway it is a basket case car although I have cleaned rear end and painted black as well as the front suspension, all cleaned and painted. Engine was rebuilt completely 4-5 years ago, 2 transmissions, rubber parts , windows are there but out. Basically, this car was a project I was doing for a dear friend's wife(he passed away) awhile ago, she gave me the car to fix and restore but now, she passed away. Long story, I have to move due to house I rent sold. Was hoping to find a place to eventually finish the car but no place available. It is completely apart, most parts are bagged and marked. I also have a body for a 1962? PV544 that I was going to use the clean floor pans, clean wheel well, and possibly the right quarter panel to put on the PV444. Everything I have including $500.00 in front end parts I bought, window rubber, mud flaps, door sill rubber, etc., engine, transmissions, EVERYTHING must go in one shot. NO PARTING STUFF OUT. $700.00 come and get it all and it is yours. Must be this weekend 7/18-7/21 2019. That's a '58 PV444 split window all apart down to body, most of the paint is stripped, needs rear floors replaced but comes with a spare PV544 for body panel parts. May need deck lid for PV444 or metal replaced, needs body work on right Q Panel, Left rear fender has all fenders, hood, doors, and parts that go with it all.. PV544 has dash with excellent speedometer, wing windows, windshield, rear window, hearter (Ithink) great floor panels, driver door dented. No fenders or pass door or decklid or hood, just the body on PV544. $700 for it all, or I don't know what is gonna happen to this car after Monday. Maybe get taken to crusher Ugggggggggggggggggh! Please reply. AGAIN NO PARTING IT OUT SO DON'T ASK!!

I live in Salinas CA between San Luis Obispo and San Francisco