How's the R-Design Nubuck holding up over time?
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      How's the R-Design Nubuck holding up over time?


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      I am curious too with the new models.

      The new material in my 1996 850 R has held up beautifully.

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      I have it in my 3.5 year old V60 with 18k on the clock and it still looks new but the car gets very little wear (driver only) FWIW. The leather portions of the seats show more wear actually - just creases really but still more wear than the nubuck textile.
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      Seems to be holding up netter than leather in the 3 volvos that I have had with it.
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      My 2016 xc90 RD interior looks great, including the back seat where my kids sit.
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      Funny I thought I saw a mention of premature RD interior wear from from of the forumite techs. Hope I was wrong.

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      30K on my 2017 and it's holding up well. No visible wear on the Nubuck, mild creasing on the drivers side bolster from getting in and out. But it's very minimal and car is driven 7 days a week as it's the family's only car.

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      30k miles and almost 2 years old and still like new.
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      I have a 2015 V60 (bought back in 2014) with nubuck and after 5 years, still looks great and still loving the quality of the seat. That also the reason why we bought our 18' XC90 RDesign with the nubuck seats. Biggest advantage, doesn't burn your butt in the summer and warms up quickly in the winter. But I have to agree with "@Wayne T5", the leather portion of the 5 year old V60 isn't holding up as well.

      What we have noticed is that, fur from our two big dogs don't stick to the nubuck, and the stuff my 2 year old toddler spills or throws off her car seat are very easily cleaned with a wet cloth or a vacuum.

      One thing you have to keep in mind is that, the nubuck seats are not as soft as the full leather ones.
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