randomly smoking from exaust
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      randomly smoking from exaust

      hey guys so i have this s60 2.5t 2005 i got about a year or so ago. about a month ago i started the car up in the morning after a decent drive the night before. and i could smell a funky smell i look back and i had some blue smoke comi g from the exhaust. this being my only car at the time i checked the fluids and proceeded to drive to work.the smoke will only show up randomly at idle after a drive. and not all the time. could this have to do with the pcv? i have no knowledge of it being changed before. also i replaced the turbo with a k24 two weeks before the smoking, could it be a bad turbo seal?

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      I know this is a few weeks old but easy way to check if turbo is leaking is check inside the OTE pipe.

      If it only happens when pulling off from stop signs, could be the valve seals.
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