valve sticking on cold start
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      valve sticking on cold start

      Looking at buying an '07 S40 T5 AWD.

      Seller reports:
      Cylinder head must be replaced due to valve sticking on cold start. "Check engine" and "high engine temp" lights come on when driving
      Anyone care to weigh in on what all this might be - in addition to pulling the head?

      I'm no mech/tech but have done many head gaskets on Subarus and timing belts on Fords and Toyotas....but maybe the B5254T7 (?) is a much different beast.

      Thanks for any feedback.

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      These engines suffer very bad damage from over heating. So unless you can get proof that it's a simple fix, and I'd bet it's not, I'd avoid. Unless you want a project

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      I can't see how this could be much worse or better than needing the head replaced or rebuilt.

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