What is this noise?
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      What is this noise?

      Hi gang,
      I have a sucking / pulsing sound on start up which sounds like its coming from down low near crank. I had the same sound in my 03 V40 and never got to the bottom of that one either. Hereís a video that gives you a good idea of what Iím talking about. Have any of you experienced same? Sound goes away when car is warmed up. The video doesnít quite nail the sucking noise, it makes it sound more like scraping which itís not. Definitely more air-sucking like.


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      Mine was making sound similar to that was timing cover rubbing on belt up top

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      I've had that noise several times, usually due to aftermarket timing belts. I usually go with OEM timing belt because of that. But you could try spraying some simplegreen on the belt see if it goes away.
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