1993 Wagon Electrical Issues and Other Guidance.
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      1993 Wagon Electrical Issues and Other Guidance.

      Good afternoon! First post and first month with my 250K 240 Wagon from 1993. I've been working on getting the issues fixed, but had a few questions.

      I drove it at night for the first time this morning and noticed the headlights and interior lights were pulsing. Is there a known fix? I wiggled/tightened some of the grounds I could find, but that didn't work. I also have switched out the headlight relay, but no luck. I noticed it doesn't really seem bad when under power, but idling is noticable. I have new alternator brushes that I haven't had a chance to try yet, but I was hoping for guidance before proceeding.

      Also new this morning, my turn signals stopped working! I did some searching and think it may be my indicator stalk. I still have the hazard lights. I also still have the seatbelt warning light.

      Any good recommendations for swapping motor mounts/trans mounts without a hoist? All I have is a few jacks to work with.

      Lastly, there's a terrible groan coming from the rear brakes. The pads and rotors actually look great. It only groans if I'm not braking like I mean it. I might take the pads out and grease em up and check the clips.

      I can't wait to post up some pics and go into detail about what's been replaced. The car came with a trunk full of parts. I don't think it's a classic, but it came with Classic wheels (the BBS silver ones) with brand new snow tires. I also picked up some steelies that had new all seasons for 250$. All in all- about 2K in so far. The trans and engine are fantastic, with the exception of motor mounts of course.

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      Check the fuse block next to the battery. This is known to be a weak point. Open it, pull the fuses, and check to see that the connections aren't burned up.

      Motor mounts can be done with a jack and blocks of wood under the oil pan if you're careful. Do one side at a time.

      Not sure about the rear brakes. Perhaps check that the parking brake isn't seized.
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      Yeah the parking brake seems to be working fine. Im really not sure why its groaning. I havent had a chance to do a more fine inspection on the rear brakes. It stops very well honestly, its just groaning badly if I try to stop with finesse.

      Good tip on the motor mounts! I'll definitely try one side at a time with some wood.

      The fuse was blown. I took a peak at the manual and found the #5 fuse was the culprit. Odd thing was that there seems to be a mix of modern and original style fuses in the box. The modern #16 fuse was the one that blew it.

      Thanks again!

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      As a rule, if anything goes wrong that has electricity going through it check the fuse first. They are notorious for blowing fuses.
      Car does not start? Check the fuel pump fuse.

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