Volvo usb
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    Thread: Volvo usb

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      Volvo usb

      Hello all
      I was upgrading my new to me S60 when during the down load phase vida ask for a Volvo approved usb drive.
      I down loaded the users guide and it does state that a usb drive needs to be used to transfer the software to the car now. Yes I did try to use a normal usb stick and it didn’t like it,
      So the part number is 31201366 I kid you not this a real thing and they are back ordering them 2 weeks.
      My most upgrade fail due to this and my car lost aud icm etc....
      has anyone else run into this?
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      Here is the information from Volvo

      The latest generation of Infotainment, that will be found in S60 (11- ), contains considerably
      larger software files than previous generations. In order to download these
      large software products to the MOST network, a USB memory is needed.
      4.1 When is a USB memory needed?
      As a general rule, if the software products that should be downloaded to the MOST
      network are estimated to exceed 6 minutes in download time a USB memory will be
      VIDA will only approve the USB that Volvo Car Corporation has
      developed as a special tool for this specific purpose.

      This is no joke
      Before you try upgrading software be aware
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      Good to know. Thank you for sharing.

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      Yes, the Volvo approved USB is a real thing and has hidden files on it that must be there for vida to recognize it.

      It's been a while since I used whatever version of vida you are in, but I think there is an option to force software through the dice under advanced in the software tab.

      Not sure if it will work for MOST upgrades though.

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