New owner questions on a 1962 PV 544 (what does the PV stand for anyway?)
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      New owner questions on a 1962 PV 544 (what does the PV stand for anyway?)

      I now own a 1962 Volvo PV544. I'm curious about a couple of things as I start spending more time getting it ready to start after 35 years sitting. The motor turns over freely by hand. It was apparently stored in a barn for decades and it has almost no rust which I'm very happy about. So, in tinkering around this morning, I'm always interested in what event transpired that resulted in a vehicle not running for lengthy periods of time. Not sure about this one, but two things caught my attention.

      1) The air filters are off and in the trunk. No biggie, at least they are there. In fact, EVERYTHING's there, thank God! The vehicle has 78K miles on it. Perhaps the carbs were giving some difficulty but I plan on rebuilding them myself. I'm not afraid to do anything mechanical on this car. So. where is the BEST place to source an outstanding quality rebuild kit. I absolutely do not want anything Chinese. German, US, Sweden that kind of thing. These are dual SU sidedrafts which I've never done before, but they look easy and I've studied them.

      2) I think this is a "Sport" model in that the only missing pieces are the two scripts on the truck. There are four holes for the script so I'm ASSUMING that they say Volvo and Sport. So, how does one tell if a model is in fact a "sport," and what are the differences between models that make one a "sport" or not.

      3) On the driver's side inner fender when the hood is up, there are two red wires that look like they were attached to something that might be missing. The connectors are female spade connectors and I can't quite figure it out. I can't imgine that what appears to be "hot" wires would be dancing around loose around the inner fender. This is just forward of all the heater stuff and between that and the headlight area. It's easily accessible. Doesn't look like the voltage regulator which I believe sits on the firewall area on passenger side. I'm thinking maybe the relay for the high/low beam headlights? No idea.

      4) The car has it's original radiator. Any thoughts on having this one rebuilt or do replacements exist. It' actually in very nice shape, but that just a visual as I have not put anything in it yet.

      5) Finally, where's a great source for fuel pumps? This is the inverted glass bowl model and I'm guessing that some of the guys have just moved on to electric fuel pumps. I'd like to stay original and can and will rebuild myself if I can source a good quality rebuilt kit or pump.

      Thank you all very much, appreciate the help!

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      As noted in your other thread, I buy my parts from V-P Autoparts. Whether they have the "best", non-Chinese parts, I don't know. They are simply more convenient than the European suppliers.

      I did buy a fuel pump rebuild kit from them, but haven't used it yet.

      For SU carbs, you want a low pressure pump. I've used an AIRTEX E8016S fuel pump with the 2.5 to 4.5 psi and 30 gph flow rate. My volvo has a supplemental electric fuel pump, but I have'n't had the car long enough to invstigate what brand and why. My mechanical pump is still in use. An alternative to the AIRTEX would be a Facet "solid state" pump at about twice the cost. It is critical to the SU carbs that you use a low pressure pump.

      Do you have a "sport" model? I think you need to determine what engine (B-16 or B-18) and transmission you have, although the dual carbs suggests a "sport" model. You can probably research the model based on the vehicle ID plate information. I have a book (in Sweedish) in my basement that covers such things for the PV444 and may also include the PV544.

      I think on my vehicle ID plate My car is a 444-08 with the "08" designating the sport model. So if you can find a reference on your ID plate, you may have your answer.

      I had mysterious wires on my car as well, running down the steering column. No idea what they are for and not shown on a wiring diagram.

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      To answer your "what does PV stand for", it is "Person Vagn" in Swedish, People car. Kind of like VW, only Sweden-style. Volvo's earlier cars were ÖV, "Öppen Vagn" - earlier open-top designs. The PV designation was dropped with the introduction of the 122 Amazon, and other models.

      If you have the old-style "honeycomb" radiator, don't toss it! they're unique and date-stamped to the car. They're pretty tough, you can very likely boil it out and patch any issues.

      Agree with blueosprey, snap a photo of your VIN plate and we can tell you more.
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