do I need or not? steeringwhhel cover
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      do I need or not? steeringwhhel cover

      what do You thing, will It look good?
      I made one for my lada. the grip is much better, but will it look ok for volvo?
      here are some pics.
      mu lada has tartan interior so I made it matching that.
      for volvo I was thinking make red and black looking

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      Style is subjective. As such, I would vote no. You have demonstrated that you are good with upholstery work. I would just wrap the rim of the steering wheel with a thin foam and then cover in leather that matches the red or black of your other upholstery work. Black would be safe; but, that red / burgundy on your door panels might be a good look on the rim. You might need to paint the black spokes on the steering wheel because shiny black spokes with a matt leather finish on the rim might not look so good.

      Just my opinion.
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