VIDA Diagnostics tab grayed out.
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      VIDA Diagnostics tab grayed out.

      I've been playing with a lot of different flavors of VIDA for about a year, now, and solved most of my problems, but gremlins keep popping up. I was using the Roxanaschram supplied version of direct to Win7 VIDA 2014D (Thanks!) for quite some time with my '09 XC90, and it's been working fine. I just tried to connect to my wife's S60 to reset the battery monitor after installing a new battery, and everything was great including VIDA reading the VIN from the 2013 S60, but the diagnostics tab stayed gray and inaccessible. I tried the known tricks of making sure the partner group was correct and that the particulars such as trans type were all ticced in, but no joy on the diagnostics tab. The only thing peculiar about the vehicle data is that the "body style" and "special vehicles"drop downs have no options, as the XC90 does. I tried the two trans types and re-ticced the variants and tried different partner groups, but the VIN wanted only AME for a partner.
      Then, I thought I would try the re-wrapped "2015"A version (yes, it's really 2014D), since it may have a different database, and un-installed the Roxanaschram 2014D and installed the "2015"A. That version gave some problems with the diagnostic tab on the XC90 until I selected "NOR" as a partner group; then it worked. Trying the new VIDA install on the S60 got me a VIN read, but still no diagnostics tab access, even with going through all the profile variations.
      Reading the "Help" file under the explanations of the tabs, it says that if the diagnostics tab is not accessible, then it's not reading the CEM, but it can be forced by entering the VIN manually. Didn't work.
      Any ideas?
      Never mind. I just found it.
      Under the vehicle profile boxes, there's a function for clearing the vehicle profile. Right after it is "OK". I thought it was part of the profile clearing thingy, but it's not. Clicking that "OK" after completing the profile makes the Diagnostics tab immediately available, although the Help file says a DICE must be connected. Not so. It also mentions the "OK" button in a casual way (it seems to me, now) and out of sequence with the actual layout of the page. That's my defense, and I'm sticking to it!
      I'm posting this so that it may be found in a search and possibly help someone.
      If you knew this already, and thought everyone should have known this, please don't post that. It will make me feel even dumber
      I'll post to this if it's a false positive when I connect to the S60 tomorrow, or even if it works OK.
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      This was covered under the Q&A on my thread... and throughout the thread several times. It's a common mistake. As far as needing the DICE, you only need the DICE connected when trying to pull current data from the vehicle, not to go back and look at previous pulls.
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