My daughter was driving the car and the oil light came on. She immediately pulled over, shut the engine down, and called for help. My husband went to the car and checked the oil, it was fine but had no antifreeze so we filled up the radiator. The car started but was idling rough. He drove it to the house and the water temperature light came on. He got the car home and had clearly over heated the engine. We replaced the hoses that were busted along with another one just to ensure it didn't leak later. My husband got it started but it ran like crap. It was running like it was missing, blowing white smoke out the tail pipe, and was hard to start. The next morning my husband went to start the car to drive it to work, it turned over once but would not start. He has removed the plugs and notices no water in the cylinders. The engine is also turning over as it should. Any idea of what could be wrong?

We are planning on changing the plugs, possibly replacing the head gasket although there is no indication that the gasket is blown at this point. Any help would be nice.