81 242 mechcanical fuel distribution options
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      81 242 mechcanical fuel distribution options

      I just purchased a 81 242 turbo. It has 90k on it and i bought it from the original owner. He basically just kept this thing in he’s garage it was a great find. The interior looks like it came off the show floor, exterior same deal.
      The engine runs great and the 4speed od works fine. Really have no issues. As I will be upgrading the suspension first, sway bars, lowering kit, etc. I’m wondering if their is anything I can safely do with this mechanical fuel injection to boost the performance of this motor. Eventually I want to build a red block with EFI but that’s down the road. Just looking for someone who has played with one and any suggestions or info on this would be appreciated.

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      Hi, you’ll probably get more help on turbobricks forum.

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      WOW, Sounds like a great find. 81 242 is in my opinion one of the best looking Volvos of all time. Certainly the best looking of the "Boxy But Good" Bricks.

      • How much have you driven the car so far ?
      • Has it been tuned up?
      • New Gas in the tank?
      • What engine do you have? B21FT or B21ET?

      How are you going to drive the car ? My 81 242 GLT NON turbo was a lot of fun to drive, I had stock GLT springs, IPD Bars and Koni Shocks, you just needed to keep your right foot pressed to the floor, but with some skill could be driven on the limit with only 110 HP

      I wouldn't bother changing the FI system, if your going to build a new engine in the future (B230FT Perhaps?)

      Other things to consider to improve performance (That could be useful in the future) would be:

      • ignition system, An electronic ignition that varies the timing relative to the boost.
      • Rear end gear ratio If your doing sporty street driving, Jumping off the line and out of sharp corners perhaps a 4.56 LSD is a better place to spend money.
      • Does your car have an Intercooler? That would add a bit of performance?

      Have you had Vintage 240's before? Where are you located? ....
      Currently: 2016 XC90 T8, 1973 1800ES Original D-Jet, 1973 142 B20B, 1977 242 B230FT
      Previously: 1974 144 B20B, 1974 142 B20F, 1989 740, 1981 242 GLT, 1996 740, 1999 V70

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      Don't waste you time and sell the thing to me!
      1983 Volvo 242 Turbo - Daily Driver 142,000 kms and counting
      1991 Volvo 245 - Ski Wagon 445,000 kms and counting
      2005 Volvo s40i - Spring / Fall Daily Driver 142,000 kms and counting

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