My trans mission has stopped shifting up. From 1 to 2 or 2 to 3. Unless I up the revs and release the pedal. She will not shift on her own. Reverse fine. Fluid correct type and level. I checked kick down cable. Pain to get to to. Seems ok not too slack i tightened one or two turns to see if it had an effect. No effect. The transmission is a Borg Warner T-35 three speed. Ok what should i do ? I am old and creaky with only a drive way work shop in basement. I have not replaced a transmission in years. What shop can i trust? I live in Bremerton . Not MaX RPM ....I suppose it could be just worn out , I am the third owner and have all of the major repair bills, nothing about a transmission. Will a shop check it out with an air gauge and pressure ? Check the kick down cable is correct? Or will i just get the its shot you need a rebuild. Has anyone got an idea what a rebuilt costs? Are they even available ? I saw a kit was about 200 dollars but a lot of work and i am not sure i can still do it physically. So any suggestions ? Are transmission shops even remotely honest ? I have always done all of the maintenance myself.