Options for Oil Pressure Gauge
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      Options for Oil Pressure Gauge

      Hi all,
      I'd like to add an oil pressure gauge to my '66 220 with a B18. It seems like an electric gauge would be the simplest but I'm concerned about the amount of clearance required for a sending unit and proximity to the exhaust manifold. I'd appreciate some advice and maybe some examples of some other people's setups.

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      I have used electric senders on VWs in the past, but for my Amazon I installed a mechanical 100 psi VDO gauge. Haven't had any problems. I remember reading somewhere that 100 psi gauges, rather than 60, were recommended for the B18 and B20
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      When I bought my car the PO had installed a three gauge cluster including mechanical oil pressure gauge that was not hooked up. The stock electric unit was in use with the dashboard light. I wanted to hook up the pressure gauge but do not trust myself to monitor the gauge enough. So, I hooked up both. The photo, below, shows a "tee" plumbing out of the engine block with the electric pressure sensor on one end and the capillary tube on the other. Now the pressure gauge is active and the caution light on the dash works.

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      I just did this last year in my '66.

      This: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/SWW-279A
      And this: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/SWW-82304

      ...not too fancy, but works like a charm. I may have needed another adapter other than what was included with the sender... can't remember now. I used a tee just like tsores for the light and the gauge. Note: I haven't calibrated it seems to be in the zone and will at least tell me if I need to pull over.

      Edit: if I had it to do over I'd go for a 100psi gauge as others recommended. The 80 gauge is pegged most of the time.

      Good luck!
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