Upgrading Suspension Options for S90
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      Upgrading Suspension Options for S90

      Hello All,

      I am in need of some guidance and insight into upgrading the suspension on a 2018 S90 T6 (non-air suspension). I am new to modifying stock suspension systems.

      I have not purchased the car yet but want to know what options are out there, that are similar in performance to the Volvo sport suspension offered on the V90 and 60 series cars.

      1. Can the sport suspension from a V90 be retro fitted to an S90? Anyone done this. I am thinking this might be very possible due to the shared parts between the 90 series cars. Also, in other markets Volvo offers the sport suspension on the S90.

      2. Viva performance offers larger/stiffer sway bars for the front and rear. Would this be enough to reduce body roll in corners. Would these sway bars reduce squat/dive during straight line acceleration and braking? If I went this route would I need to change the springs and shocks as well?

      3. Viva also offer stiffer springs for the front axle that also drop ride height and smaller blocks for the rear stock springs to lower the rear.

      Are there any other aftermarket suspension suppliers for the S90. My primary goal is to get a setup similar to the OEM Volvo sport chassis/suspension.

      Thank you.
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      I checked with airlift to see if they had an air ride system (my intent was to improve the ride quality) for my 2018 S90 and they don't, and they confirmed they don't have any plans to make one in the future. I have a hard time finding any aftermarket options for this car and very few options for stock replacement part for service for simple things like brakes.

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      I have the fully adjustable Heico suspension kit and absolutely love it. After some time testing different settings, I have it perfectly dialed in to my preference.

      Rides a LOT better than the stock sport suspension and is much more capable around turns.

      They also offer it for the S90 (except T8).

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