XC60 Coupe in plan?
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      XC60 Coupe in plan?


      Can't read/translate the entire article. There is a picture looks quite real. Hope some of you like it.

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      Volvo XC60 Coupe - sportier lines and more electrification
      Volvo broadens its model program with sportier suvars. Competitors are numerous and Volvo Cars sees great potential in offering more body variants. Upcoming Volvo XC60 Coupe attacks BMW X4 and Mercedes GLC Coupe with tougher design and high degree of electrification.

      Volvo Cars CEO Håkan Samuelsson has already officially stated that sedans are hotter than combi . In principle, the combination market is only with us in Northern Europe. In important business areas such as the US and China, suits, crossovers and four-door sedans apply. Volvo's best-sellers are the XC60 and the XC40, and the hopes for the US-built S60 are high.

      But all customers do not want a practical look, many consider the look clumsy and unsportsmanlike. Therefore, there are crossovers, BMW has a line-up with its "even" X models X2 , X4 and X6 . Rumor has it that a giant X8 , based on the X7 , is also underway. Audi runs with Sportback add-ons to revamp their more common Q versions (the latest in the line is the new e-tron Sportback e-tron ) and Mercedes offers coupe versions of GLC and GLE , but the smaller GLA and GLB are also planned as coupes. Porsche has its Cayenne Coupé, and more versions will follow. The range is constantly increasing, which is why Volvo has also long researched to make coupe crossovers of its three XC models - the 40/60/90 series
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      That is such a niche market. I can’t tell you the last time I saw a BMW X4 or GLE on the road. They’re extremely rare and German luxury cars are not in short supply around here. It takes a serious amount of money to get a vehicle introduced into the United States. I think that money would be better spent on something else.

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      Not my cup of tea. When the 5 series wagon was replaced here with the hideous GT I walked away from the brand. Great find tho thnx for sharing.

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      A REAL S60 coupe please!
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