Hey folks,

I have been reading some things in forums with a lot of conflicting information and I am looking to get this narrowed down.

My 2019 Volvo XC90 has factory Volvo wheels which are 21x9. The OEM tire size is 275 40 R21. Let's start there.

I have a set of winter tires, also 275 40 R21, that I'd like to get a set of rims for. I have an opportunity to purchase, at a great price, Volvo Polestar wheels that are 21x8.5. Half of what I read says 275's are way too wide for an 8.5 wheel, the other half conflicts and says its fine.

Question: Does 1/2 an inch REALLY make that big of a difference? Will a 275 tire really sit significantly different on an 8.5 inch wheel vs a 9 inch wheel?