Tire / Rim width question - Expert Advice Needed
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      Tire / Rim width question - Expert Advice Needed

      Hey folks,

      I have been reading some things in forums with a lot of conflicting information and I am looking to get this narrowed down.

      My 2019 Volvo XC90 has factory Volvo wheels which are 21x9. The OEM tire size is 275 40 R21. Let's start there.

      I have a set of winter tires, also 275 40 R21, that I'd like to get a set of rims for. I have an opportunity to purchase, at a great price, Volvo Polestar wheels that are 21x8.5. Half of what I read says 275's are way too wide for an 8.5 wheel, the other half conflicts and says its fine.

      Question: Does 1/2 an inch REALLY make that big of a difference? Will a 275 tire really sit significantly different on an 8.5 inch wheel vs a 9 inch wheel?


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      It is late but I will still respond. Tire manufacturers publish accepted wheel widths in tire specs.


      It seems that approved rim range is 9-11".

      .5" is not much and tire will fit but you will be going against manufacturer recomendation and some tire stores may refuse to munt them (probably better ones that check such unimportant data).

      If I were you I would not have done it.


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