Remote Lock and TPMS warning
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      Remote Lock and TPMS warning

      Hi, I am having an issue with my remote lock and TPMS in my 2008 XC70. The issues seem to be connected. VIDA shows that driver for central locking motor may be an issue. The remote seems to work intermittently. When the TPMS error goes off the remote locks work.

      I am not the most familiar with using VIDA to diagnose the issue.

      Please advise if you have experience with issues like this.


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      They are all connected - the KVM (keyless vehicle module) controls the keyless start, remote lock/unlock, and the TPMS.

      There may be faulty wiring somewhere. It is not unknown for the insulation of the main vehicle wiring harness to degrade which can leading to electrical shorts. My XC70 suffers from the same problem, and I 'fixed' it by pulling the fuse for the KVM, and checking my tire pressure manually.

      The car is at the dealer right now being looked at for an unrelated issue, and they are spending some additional time to investigate the KVM failure.

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      Update! I rechecked my tire pressure with a different gauge, resulting in added air pressure to the tires. The low tire pressure warning went away and now the remote locks work, crazy!!!

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