Strut springs how long do they last
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      Strut springs how long do they last

      So I have 05 R with stock springs but new shocks. I'm thinking the springs might be worn out by now.

      Does anyone know how long springs are good for?

      I have been also thinking of upgrading to the lowering springs just to get the progressive style of spring but don't really want to lower it due to being on gravel roads and the big speed bump we have.

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      If the car is at stock height and not sagging or low in one corner or something, the stock springs are fine. Usually if a spring "wears out" it cracks and breaks.
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      They are worn out by now.. the ride over the speed bumps and such will be much better as new springs will be stronger to keep you from crashing off the front bump stops as much.. I think it also helps take stress off the 4c in advanced. With weak springs more weight is put on the strut assembly over bumps.
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      Springs don't wear out from time, more from mileage. Being that a spring flexes, it's the total number of cycles that really matters. So a ton of mileage from city driving on bumpy roads will wear out the springs a lot faster than if you had a ton of mileage driving on really smooth highways for the same mileage.

      If you're hitting the bump stops, your springs are either already worn out or you're driving on really rough roads- hitting the bump stops means you've blown through all of the available suspension travel- it's bone-jarring when you hit the end of the suspension travel.

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