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      Another new member

      I've actually posted a bit on the SPA XC60 forum already, but this morning I saw this so I thought I'd say hello. We've had a V70 now for almost 19 years (new in February 2001) and have decided for a number of reasons to move to a new car with the new active safety features. That's how I ended up here - searching on possible issues with the T8 drivetrain and the SPA XC60 in general. So far it's looking like the XC60 T8 is what we want but we'll do due diligence on other luxurious, hybrid, medium-sized crossovers (less the amazingly ugly Lexus line) before buy the XC60 Maybe try to do an overseas delivery.

      Going to the dealer's today to do my first test drive. Not like they have just what we want (no, I'm not paying $3000+ for a sound system even if everyone else looking an Inscription is and I don't understand the appeal of larger wheels with low profile tires) so I don't have to worry about driving away with a car today. I do want to take the time to test cars with and without the air suspension to see if it's worth $2000 to me.

      Anyway, just saying hello and hopefully sometime in the next 12 months or so I'll be able to post some pictures of our new car.

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      Welcome aboard! You got your V70 almost at the same time as we did; we got our MY01 V70 T5 in March 2001, still have it with 172,000 miles!

      I think that, for the price that the XC60 T8 costs, you will be hard pressed to find an SUV that has such standard safety features, technology, fuel economy and up to 415 hp of performance.

      Best of luck in your quest.
      2001 Volvo V70 T5 M SR, Classic Red/Graphite Lthr, TME Stage II ECU, 3" Downpipe w/ Cat-back exhaust from MTE, Volvo Roadholding & Lowering Kit w/ Nivomats, 17" PEGASUS, Rear Spoiler, Dolby Surround Sound
      2019 V90 Cross Country Osmium Grey metallic w/ Charcoal L, Advance, Retractable Tow Hitch, Polestar, 19" wheels
      2019 S60 T6 AWD Inscription Black w/ Maroon/Brown L, Advanced, Heated Seats/Steering, Charcoal Headliner, Park Assist Pilot, 4C, Ext Styling Kit, 19" wheels, Polestar

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      Got to test drive some cars today - two XC60s (T8 R with air suspension and silly, oversized wheels, and a T6 Inscription without air suspension and 19" wheels) and a 2020 Mercedes GLC 330 (not the PHEV as they didn't have one in stock.) My thoughts:
      1) The T8 gets up to freeway speed ridiculously fast. No fuss, it's just there. Neither of the others was much better than our 19 year old V70. I'm guessing passing with the T8 would remind me at least a little of doing it on a motorcycle - think about it and it's done.
      2) Air suspension is a win for us. The R trim with it was more comfortable over lousy surfaces than either of the other cars.
      3) The reviewers who say the engine on the Volvo is whiny and a bit loud are correct. The Mercedes' engine sound was much better muffled.
      4) The interior of the Mercedes is overly busy - do you really need a trackpad and a touch screen?
      5) Volvo's voice recognition wasn't great.
      6) Mercedes' voice recognition was excellent, and very, very annoying. It answers to the name 'Mercedes'. Guess what the salesman and I were discussing during the test drive? Like hitting Siri every 90 seconds.
      7) The Inscription interior felt nicer to me. Not more luxurious than the Mercedes but more tasteful. More comfortable that the over-bolstered R seats (but then again, I'm not after a performance car.)
      8) The sun roof is an option on the Mercedes and I wish it were on the Volvo. We've only used it maybe 5 times in 19 years on the V90.
      9) The grille on the Mercedes is overdone. The Inscription's is just right.
      10) The salesman hadn't charged the battery on the T8 (huh? I specifically scheduled to drive a PHEV and they hadn't plugged it in??) but in charge mode it got to the point where I could test it in Pure driving mode. Plenty of oomph and blissful peace and quiet.
      11) I like the layout on the Volvo's steering wheel a lot better than the Mercedes'.
      12) The seat adjustments on the Mercedes are on the door. Say what!?? Maybe I'm just a dinosaur but reach to the side of the seat to adjust it just feels right.
      13) A couple of days ago I did something that screwed up my shoulder, the symptoms mimicked my wife's chronic tendonitis. I only bring this up because some reviewers talk about the Volvo's steering being too light/disconnected. Not for me. For me it felt like I could easily maneuver 2+ tons of car without my shoulder twinging like it did in the V70 on the way over. It got heavier in Sport driving mode but I could still deal with it. The Mercedes started out that heavy and got heavier in Sport mode - enough that I wouldn't want to drive it with a damaged shoulder.

      So, am I suffering from confirmation bias? Eh, maybe, but I really did try to give the Mercedes a fair shake and it's a very nice car. For me, though, I think the T8 Inscription will be the ticket. Not that I'm going to stop researching until we finally buy something.

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