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      Now I'm finally sitting on my couch with glass of wine celebrating arrival of the newest member of the garage. But things were as rough as anyone can only imagine down the road, but lets start from the very beginning:
      Few years ago was the first time I have ever heard of OSD. We were thinking about it when we were getting our first Volvo, but we needed car right away and decided to do it "next time". Finally "next time" has come, and last year in November we started to discuss new car possibilities. At the beginning we wanted smaller SUV, as we own new bigger one, so the choice was XC40. However, dealer rep explained that 2019 XC40 cannot be ordered anymore and we'd have to wait for 2020 ordering opening, so we decided to wait.
      Needless to say, I've read all possible information available on web and knew exactly what is happening and what to expect. Dealer rep promised to call us right away when ordering for 2020 models will start. Unfortunately, we had to chase him, left numerous messages, and when finally got in touch with him, we were notified that that particular dealer will not give up their XC40 allocation for OSD orders. Well, said I, it's a destiny, we will go with XC60. But dealer again had blown us away: for about 2 weeks all we heard was "Volvo is changing system and I can't place orders yet". By that time (beginning of April) I knew system was up and running, thanks to all forum posts, so I got upset and decided to go to different dealership. We wanted July delivery dates, so time was an issue.
      That other dealership was nothing better than first one, but at least young and proactive GM "A" was willing to help us. He was the one, who basically entered an order in Volvo's system with us telling him what to select. We are very easy going customers, we already knew what we want, we had a list of options we need and exact price. We didn't need any time spent with us as far as "features and options explained", we already did our homework. Anyways, finally it all was done, deposit paid, order signed and we begun waiting for next steps. Again, I already knew what may be happening next, so we called Barbara few days later to confirm that our order was placed. Sure enough, as many others here, not everything on dealer side was done so we again had to call every day to speed things up. Long story short, finally it all started to move smoothly and we begun trip planning.
      I can only say good things about Barbara and travel agent, we've always received complete support on their side. Volvo accommodated all our requests including moving factory tour to drop off date since factory was closed at the beginning of August when our pickup date was assigned. We had great flight to Stockholm, spent fabulous day there, then flew to Gothenburg.
      Next day was our pickup date, we were taken to Delivery center early in the morning as we had to leave by 11 am the latest. We were planning to drive some 10 hours to Norway's Preikestolen trail that day. Everything again got as smooth as anyone can dream of, we've got our car and were on the road right after all nessesary procedures were done. We were so excited to begin our 2 weeks Scandinavian vacation.
      Unfortunately, only some 100 miles later we got in horrible accident (luckily no any other cars involved, but ours), after which car burned down to almost nothing. Luckily we were all OK physically (yes, thanks Volvo) and were able to pull almost all our belongings seconds before fire become too dangerous.
      For almost 3 hours firefighters were trying to put fire down until basically nothing left to burn. Big thanks to them, police and just stand by drivers, who helped me and my family to get out of car, evaluated our condition, gave us water and maximum of support. Everyone were extremely supportive. I felt bad for all other drivers, who spent these 3 hours in traffic as highway was shut down one way completely and other - partially. Police officers drove us to the closest city in their car after it all ended.
      Probably, most of people would consider their vacation finished, but not me. I've never been faint of heart, so minutes after evaluating situation I decided this trip must continue no matter what. If I'd give up now, I will only have bad memories left. Still standing in front of our car debries, we started to call Volvo. Again, Volvo excided our expectations, they took care of rental car (XC40 ironically) and another couple of hours later we were back on the road.
      Even though nothing happened to us physically, we were in really bad mental condition. But life is life, it's not end of the world, and some 9 hours later we got to our first lodging in Norway. We had best trip ever, enjoyed Preikestolen hike next day (I even cried when we got there - I thought I will never see it). We drove to Bergen, then to Odda to hike Trolltunga. We visited all best places in Norway including fiords, Trondheim, Atlantic road, Lofoten islands and Oslo. We did about 3500 kilometers without any hiccups and happily got back to Gothenburg on the date of planned car drop off. Since we had no car to drop off, we only had lunch and factory tour, then visited Volvo museum.
      We were warmly greeted by Delivery center manager, who assured us Volvo will make everything possible to make us new car as soon as possible. Everyone were extremely helpful and caring. I was very impressed how the whole situation was handled.
      After we got back home, we immediately received communication that new car had been already scheduled for production. We again patiently waited for vin number to be assigned and finally car being loaded on the ship. The whole process was going much faster than the first time, and we deeply appreciate Volvo's help with it.
      After all that, watching ship moving so slowly from port to port was pure torture. Finally it got to US port and about a week later Barbara notified us that car is on the road and is due to be delivered no later than Friday end of the day.
      Unfortunately, our dealer was not so helpful and supportive as others. We had zero help on getting status of our order, answering our questions or helping us track car down. I knew this is kind of "normal" after reading all the forum posts, but still couldn't believe how they basically turned us down. They treated us as "we lost money on you" type of the thing. Basically, if you don't buy what's on their parking lot - you're second grade customer and not worth attention.
      We called them every day asking to notify us when car arrives, because we wanted to pick it up before leaving for vacation on Sunday.
      Anyways, yesterday right before 3 pm we've got automatic email from Volvo saying "congratulations on your new Volvo car purchase". I already figured it got sent because car got unloaded at dealership, but sales manager said that they had no deliveries on Friday and nothing scheduled for Saturday.
      Oh well, I thought, I'd have to wait another 2 weeks, I can do it. But I couldn't. On Saturday afternoon I basically forced my hubby to go to dealer and talk to manager in person. And again same answer as before: car is not here and we have no clue what's the status.
      I cannot even explain what force moved me out of the showroom to huge parking lot. I also cannot explain how the heck I was able to spot my car in between tens of same color others. The moment I noticed piece of paper with ship's name on the windshield I knew - this is it!
      It was Saturday 4 pm. To say we were frustrated - say nothing. My husband went ballistic. He found general manager, had a hard talk with him, and he was nice enough to call his mechanic who left for the day already, to get back and take care of the car. 2 hours later our car was shining on parking lot, all ready to finally go home. Paperwork was finalized, all details checked except one thing - I completely forgot about US maps, which, of course, were not loaded. We finally were able to make a big smile on our faces and take couple of pics of our not-so-much-overseas delivery.
      I carefully (as my heartbeat was still in 3 digits) drove my precious XC60 home, put it into garage, locked door and finally was able to conclude: mission completed 😁.
      Now, sipping wine, going through all documentation and trip pics, I hope one day I will be laughing when memories of the whole story come up.
      I have no intention to release name of that dealer or any other details as moral of this story is that no matter what challenges life brings, there are stars in the sky and we will get to touch them sooner than later.
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      Congratulations on the new Volvo! Not everyone has a story like yours to tell! Glad you had a terrific time and are safe back home.....that was a trip for the record books!!!
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      Congratulations on the XC60. What a terrible dealership experience. Better luck with the service department there.
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      Congrats on the car and glad you are all ok. Since we won’t get the name of the great dealership tell as little more about the incident unless it is way too painful to talk about. I was wondering 2 month a go when I took the car north of Göteborg what would happen if I met a moose or other wild life on the road, or managed to total the car and now I have my answer. Super nice for Volvo to take care of you when things went south, and that you continued your journey despite the ordeal.

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      Nice story, but in our case, Volvo did not even cover a tire ruined by road debris.
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