Sirius/XM and dead batteries
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      Sirius/XM and dead batteries

      I've been plagued with short battery life and mysterious battery discharging from the day I got this car. I know the satalite radio unit can cause this. I've also been told that if I have SR1 and SR2 to choose from then I've had the update to correct the problem.

      Well, Sirius/XM is having a free trial the next week or two, so I decided to check it out. I've looked at inactive receivers before and they always have a sample channel and a channel that gives you the radio ID. All I get with this one is a blank screen. Anyone know why that would be? Could this be the reason the batteries keep dying?
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      Did your car come with the Sirius unit? Our 08 didn't.

      There is a discussion on the 07-15 S80 forum. There is a jumper that takes the place of the Sirius unit that stops the drain. I took the jumper out of our 08 XC90 when I installed a sirius unit from a wreck. I gave the jumper to a S80 user who was having the drain issue. I got a PM recently that it cured his problem. The jumper isn't that expensive - for a Volvo part. The PITA is getting to it. To install the Sirius unit I had to take the ceiling panel off the back, and most of the passenger side rear quarter interior trim. There is a PDF floating on the web with instructions. you would do all that work, unplug the power and attach it to the jumper. While in there you may want to pull the sirius unit and the bracket and put it on ebay.
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      I blew threw two diehard platinum batteries in two years on mine, swapped it out for an AGM and it has made a huge difference. The diehards wouldn’t give me more than 1.5 hours of accessory use when new, the agm is giving me 4.5 hours before I get the low power. I bought mine knowing there may be an electrical as the previous as two electrical checks and new battery was present on the carfax report. I also have the Sirius module that is not in use (deactivates when not registered for a period of time) which would need to be re-enabled from vida.
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