2015 Drive-E Transmission Service
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      2015 Drive-E Transmission Service

      Hey All,

      Searched around a bit but didn't find much information. My wife's 2015 Drive-E just hit 90k. I did the oil this weekend and was thinking about transmission service. Any information? Would it just be a drain and fill? Drain, measure, fill? Any suggestions on fluid?


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      They say it is good for the life of the car, but nothing lasts forever. It must be performed at a mechanic that can do it. There is no dip stick and they say the level is critical. A drain an fill might cause more damage than good.

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      I would suggest doing a search on YouTube. Search for year and make and tranny fluid change.

      I started a thread on my heater fan a week and a bit ago (https://forums.swedespeed.com/showth...ter-Fan-Squeal) Look at post #4 and go to the YouTube link. The video is regarding changing a heater fan. On the right side it also displays some of his other videos and one of them is the change of his tranny fluid. Very interesting and looks like it is something we can do on our own.
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