Hi guys, thought I'd share some basic stuff but hopefully help someone out someday.

tl;dr clunking? Tighten your end links and make sure it's free of debris!

I've had a small clunk ever since I got the new to me car at 60k miles or so.

It's on the right hand side at the front.

It doesn't clunk when going over bumps, where you compress first, then decompress.
But it does clunk when you decompress first (for example when I back downwards from my drive way, after both rear wheels got on the road, then I steer left thus right front wheel drives over a small gutter from driveway onto the road).

This even affects acceleration. Zero noise when driving, but under heavier acceleration, you can feel a little vibration.

I've changed wheels around, using my hand to wobble the wheels at all hours of the clock, used pry bar to try and move parts of suspension around, used hand to try and shake end links, outer tie rod, drive axle.

Nothing moves excessively, and all boots are intact and everything looks dry.

But I've finally found the culprit, it indeed is the sway bar links!

I've decided I'd disconnect it then take it for a drive and of course, once it's disconnected the noise is gone.
But when I put it back, it was still making noise, and I've tightened it down with my electric impact once it'd stopped moving the boot.

What finally made it work is when I took it out again, scrubbed everything clean, like threads shiny clean with brass brush. And load the strut half way so the end links can move freely.
Then tighten it down first by hand with a T40 torx holding it steady, both bottom and top, then tighten it down further with my electric impact while watching the boot; just making sure it's not being spun by the impact.

So yeah hope it help someone like me who's a newbie to all this!