We just traded our 2018 S60 for a 2019 XC90. We kept our S60 wheels and I am trying to determine if they can be used on the XC90 for our winter tires. The S60 wheels are 18" vs the 19" wheels on the XC60, so that is preferred to have a higher sidewall for winter driving and potholes. The bolt pattern is the same. My question is: would it be okay to run wheels on the XC60 that have a different width and offset? The S60 wheels are wider by 12mm. Part of this additional width is split in almost evenly in the offset and backspace. S60 wheels have 12mm more backspace and 4.5mm more offset. I also notice that the XC90 wheels have a negative scrub radius and the S60 wheels have a zero scrub radius.

Bottom line, are there any negative aspects to using the 18" S60 wheels for winter wheels on my XC60? Thanks. I would rather not have to sell these good Volvo wheels and buy aftermarkets for my XC60. I'n not interested in spending big bucks for new Volvo winter wheels.