I've been searching and searching but struggling to find a clear answer. I just picked up an 08 C70 w/Dynaudio and 6-disc changer. I need to add a bluetooth kit for my phone but am also interested in bluetooth streaming, plus a USB plug and/or maybe iPod interface.

I know the GROM unit requires deleting the 6-disc which is no-go (otherwise why have Dynaudio?)

I installed the OEM motorola bluetooth phone accessory kit on my 06 S60 years ago and that worked great, though I am having trouble finding one right now. And I did something for USB back then but I can't recall what and I know P1s are different anyway.

So, does anyone have some suggestions? I want both as an integrated solution. The phone is a must at least. The bluetooth streaming and USB/iPod is nice to have.

I'm going to keep searching but thought someone might be able to point me in the right direction.