So i had a spare 2012 S60 t5 sitting around that i had that was a wrecked car. I had used parts off of it to fix my 2011 S60 probably 7 yrs ago to use it as a daily driver. The 2012 only had 4500 miles on it. My 2011 now has 235k and was making some odd noises and transmission was sticking so figured I'd pull the engine and tranny out of the 2012 and throw it in the 2011. Needless to say it all went fairly smooth but now.

I went to start my engine and it shows all sorts of lights which isn't a surprise as i drained the fluids in the power steering and coolant. Oh had to replace the radiator as it was starting to leak also. I have an issue with it not coming out of park? The shift interlock is not working and it seems like my transmission isn't responding? I checked the fuses and everything looks good. Checked all the connections and even swapped the old Transmission controller with my old tranny controller to see if that would work as i know that one was good. Still nothing. I tried swapping ECMs between everything on the engine between the 2011 and 2012 ecms. Nothing. So i am at a loss. I think i will be having to find someone to scan this and see if something needs reset. I have tried touching the battery cables together to help clear the capacitors.

Anyone have anything to add by chance? I think my big problem is the interlock not engaging to allow the transmission to show in park? My screen shows to put in park but i have manually put it in park after taking the shifter linkage off tranny. Still won't show. It seems like the Transmission controller is not talking to anything else?