running into problem with ECU swap between 2 2000 v70s
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      running into problem with ECU swap between 2 2000 v70s

      Long story short. If you're gonna lock the keys to your volvos in a safe to keep your wife from taking them it's probably wise to that she doesn't have access to the gun safe.

      Anyways, I have 2 2000 volvo turbo cars. One has significant body damage but a good motor. The other has a perfect body but 2 bullet holes to the ECU.

      I want to take the ECU from one and use in the other. What electronics have to be moved over to facilitate this. Trans control module switched over with no problem but when I use the ECU it just turns over with no start. I have the complete electrical system to donor car from the harness to the key to the immobilizer to whatever else might be needed.

      Any help would be appreciated. She makes bail on Friday so I'd like to get it figured out by the time I pick her up from the courthouse.
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      Have you tried holding the key from the donor near the ignition switch while using the other key? A simple try, and you may get lucky, but two signals may be an issue for the ECU reading from the immobilizer antenna. It may be necessary to defeat the original key chip so the ECU only sees one code. There may be some threads on how to disassemble the key with transmitter, so you can segregate the key and the chip. This is all guesswork, by the way, since I'm looking at the issue with an '09 XC90 outlook, but a quick look at Volvo Parts shows an immobilizer antenna surrounding the ignition lock fascia. It looks like it might read the near field chip in the key for authorization by the ECU, like later models. The thing isn't likely big enough to process the info. The description indicates that software changes must be made when changing keys for that YM.
      I hope that works for you, and once you get out of range you could tell us about your spirited wife's temper
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