Moving the seat back further.
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      Moving the seat back further.

      I've got room!!
      So two small mods I made yesterday have*made the car much more enjoyable to drive.*

      1. I trimmed the clutch-foot footrest as someone else had mentioned in another post.* I took off about an inch. My size 13 shoe no longer trips on it while clutching!*

      2. My seat now sits back about another 2 inches! My knees have always been bent at about 90 degrees while driving.* I noticed that my seat would not go back to the final position on the slider, but I could never figure out why. I removed the seat last night and found one of the seat rails (the one without the lever) was installed backwards, stopping it from moving back as far as the other one, by about an inch. While fixing*that, I realized that if I drilled an extra hole for seat rail each bolt set (for a total of 4 new holes), at the same distance apart as the current holes, that I could*go back yet another inch. This gives me about the ideal seating position. The gear shift is just within reach in 1st and 3rd, and my legs are comfy. It's like a new car!

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      Sounds good, but we like pictures...!


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