P2402 Evap Leak help
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      P2402 Evap Leak help

      Hi all, I'm getting p2402 on my 07 v8 (95K miles). A few questions about this:
      What is the likelihood that this is caused by the evap pump?
      If it can be fixed by replacing evap pump, how difficult is it to do that job? (No lift, just jack and jack stands) How do I get to the evap pump and is there a DIY on this?
      thanks all!

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      Funny you should post this. I have a 2008 V8 with a few less miles, the same P2402 code and also P043E.
      I'm looking for the same answers you are.

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      Quote Originally Posted by buycurious View Post
      ultimately the problem was just as pdlarson had predicted...
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      LDP is up under the rear subframe, near the charcoal canister. Pull the spare and look up and towards the front, you'll see it.

      VIDA/DICE has a diagnostic test for LDP and I would run it if I had the car connected but if not, check all the hoses from tank neck to canister to pump to valve on the front of the vehicle and see that they're whole.
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