Our silver Volvo wagon hit a parked car carrier.

The lower front right was damaged, strut bent, tire wrecked

The crash demolished the quarter panel.

The wheel has been pushed back and the front entire bumper / Fender came off

Engine was running fantastic, no blow by, solid, all cylinder full compression

The car was running perfect, super fast and smooth, 'Singing' Red Block 2.3 4-cylinder

NEW - Radiator, Hoses, Water pump, Belts, Plugs, Plug wires,

Coil, Cat converter, Mass air sensor, Ignition module etc.

New Oxygen sensor, and entire exhaust

I got a good working computer a year ago.

drive line overhauled, a lot of suspension work done

The car is at; Bob Workman Volvo in Vista CA

Three new tires

Just send your needs and how much works for you.