How to create a Driver Profile
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      How to create a Driver Profile

      Still sorting through the manual and messing about with Settings on new 2019 V90 CC, and especially am keen to sort out the Driver Profile feature, as the car has two drivers with quite different preferences and driving styles, and creating an individual Profile appears to be worthwhile. However, the manual only tells one - or so it seems - how to change Profile name, or resetting a Profile to factory default, or linking a Profile to a remote fob, or selecting a Driver Profile, but not how to create one initially. Anyone here who has actually gone through the exercise and built up one or more Profiles?

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      I think the first step is to pick a profile from the list, change its name, associate with your key in the car, then any settings will be save to it.

      It is not to create a new one, just to rename an existing one.

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