Volvo On Call and sharing/guest access
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      Volvo On Call and sharing/guest access

      I have been doing some research, but have not found anything definitive.

      I know multiple people can create VOC accounts and link them to the same car. I presume in that case each linked person is treated like an owner and have full ability to modify all the settings. My preference is to allow someone access to remote start the car, unlock, etc. as a guest. Is this possible?

      I came upon an article that describes a "Sharing" setting under the "Vehicle" tab. I do not see this setting in my app (both iOS and Android). I presume this feature is only available for vehicles under the subscription plan?


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      What you're describing sounds like car sharing which is available on the XC40 only as far as I know. There is a red key that stays inside the vehicle and you can grant certain people permission to drive the vehicle with parameters that you set
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