P130 Interior Panels
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      P130 Interior Panels

      Hello, new to the forum. I'm looking for a source for uncovered door panels and also the rear side panels for my 2 door Amazon. I would like to have my upholstery shop cover with a non-original vinyl covering. Thank you.

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      Welcome to the forum, I’ve never seen the panels/cards un-upholstered for sale. I have seen on the web, others who have used the old cards as templates and created new cards from various materials such as fibreboard/Masonite etc. and then covered them with the material of choice. I suspect auto upholsterers have the proper material to cover.

      VP auto parts sells complete cards, for somewhat reasonable prices, given the labour involved in having cards custom covered. They may be able to supply uncovered cards, you’d have to check with them.

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      There is (was) a guy on eBay selling uncovered plastic panels for 1800s. Maybe he does other models, as well.

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