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      Quote Originally Posted by frank20 View Post
      I just submitted my order from Tasca parts (www.tascaparts.com). Total was around $82 after shipping and tax. Part itself was $65 and change.

      So I have 2 identical 2019 Xc90 T6 R-Design’s. Identical sticker/options besides the exterior color being different. What I found odd was on my wife’s White 90 with a 10/18 build date it did not have the mesh net. My bursting blue with a 12/18 build date did come with net. Drove me nuts that my wife’s didn’t have it, plus she always has more crap in the car then me so the extra space will be perfect for her. Glad it’s a simple pull and swap of the part.

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      Thanks, ordered mine from this source. Also, thanks to others who responded.
      2019 XC90 R Design Polestar

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      Quote Originally Posted by partridge View Post
      Now all we need is a Brit to find us the part number for the net on the other side. Hint. Hint.

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      I confirmed that this exists by browsing autotrader uk website photos. We just need someone in the uk (or with a RHD) to pop off their side panel and get the part number off the sticker on the inside of it. The issue, however, is if any of the stateside dealers can get / order UK parts (ie: if Volvo restricts sales of parts not destined for the US).

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