I replaced the front brake pads and rotors about about a month ago and the brakes feel squishy.

We purchased an XC70 a year ago and our daughter drove it until we heard scraping sounds from the front - but the pedal felt solid. I ordered Meyle semi-metallic pads and rotors from Ebay. The seller sent the wrong rotors so I used roughly cast Chinese rotors from O'Reillys and immediately thereafter the brakes felt squishy. Yesterday I discovered that one outer pad is in full contact with the rotor while only the inner edge of the facing inner pad touches the rotor. When you step on the brakes hard (and pedal WAY down) you can see the caliper twist and try to clamp properly. I don't know if this was an existing problem and the old pads had just worn-in to fit. The new inner pad now has a contact patch over about half its face so I'm tempted to let it wear in. But what's wrong and how to fix it?