2012 s60 t5 2.5L Engine Replacement Questions
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      2012 s60 t5 2.5L Engine Replacement Questions

      Hello All,
      I have a Volvo 2012 S60 T5 with 103K on the mileage that has failed due to the Serpentine belt fraying and caused the timing belt to skip or jump timing.
      My Daughter and I towed the car to a Auto Repair Center and they said is a blown engine. They explained that it is a Interference
      engine and it most likely jumped timing and destroyed the engine. The repair estimate to replace the engine with a salvage engine
      was 8-10K

      So, with no large sum of cash like that, and the car only being worth 5k or less, we towed it home for me to pull apart and try to fix

      I have verified that only 1 cylinder has only 80psi, the rest are zero. So I guess the engine will have to be replaced.

      I was going to pull the head and look at the cylinder head damage, but was wanting to know if that is even worth it?
      and how much work that is.

      I do see where some folks replaced the Heads after buying a rebuilt Cylinder head, but question if another would mate or fit
      with out any issues, if the pistons are not bad...... the car was doing about 25-30 mph when it broke.

      How hard is it to pull the engine from the Top? This will be a do it yourself with me only most of the time.

      Most all salvage yard engines for the 2.5L are aroung 2K to 2.5K with over 100K miles There are lots of 3.0L for around 500.00

      Should I just Junk it and move on? Other that the Engine the car is in very good condition and is fun to drive.

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      I would check the pistons with a boroscope down the sparkplug hole before going through the effort of pulling the head.

      If it skipped a tooth on the timing belt and the valvetrain was lagging behind, chances are the exhaust valves didn't close in time to clear the rising pistons at the top of the exhaust stroke.

      You will likely need new exhaust valves, and probably pistons and rings. On the plus side, as long as no pieces broke loose, the cylinder bores and therefore block and bottom end should be fine. The cylinder head itself should be salvageable but will need a rebuild at a good machine shop.

      Pulling the head is pretty involved as it includes the majority of the engine wiring harness, cooling system, intake manifold, fuel and vac lines, exhaust manifold, turbo... It is doable, it just depends on your mechanical competence.

      Any rebuilt cylinder head meant for that engine should fit no problem. They are all built to the same tight tolerances.
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      2.5s are interference engines and a timing belt which jumps time can and will cause a chain reaction of catastrophic failure. 3.0s with the timing chain not prone to this.

      If you've confirmed the drive belt broke and or moved that too will cause a chain reaction.

      My mechanic friend did this. I would not go at it alone, perhaps hire a mechanic in your area that will agree to help you out.

      If it just jumped time with no valve damage, you may get lucky so first try replacing the drive belt and timing belt along with tensioner and pulleys. Much easier than taking the head apart.

      If valves have collided with pistons you're looking at major damage only repairable at a machine shop.

      Here's my rebuild thread and another one on the two belts, drive belt and timing belt.


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