Different xc90 chassis set up?
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      Different xc90 chassis set up?

      After test driving an XC90 T6 inscription 2020 with standard suspension I can subscribe to the below description posted by someone else some time ago:

      "The vehicle does not feel flat and planted to the road when making even slight turns whether going slow or fast. The same goes when accelerating from a stop (the car jolts backward) or trying to stop from the car leans heavily toward the front of the vehicle. I have to baby the car in order to minimize any differences to avoid myself and passengers from becoming nauseated due to the shifts/lean/body roll left to right or front to back. "


      I heard from the seller thar XC90 r-desgn has a different chassis setup, is this true?

      (On build your Volvo for uS they are both listed as having "Dynamic Chassis".
      In my region both R-desgn and inscription is said to have a "Touring Chassis". Is this the same as "Dynamic Chassis"?)

      I could not find any reference to a sport chassis option on XC90.
      I could not find any ipd anti swaybar or koni fsd shock option for XC90 or any after market tuning for XC90?

      I rented the air suspension XC90 but did not like it, felt like springs were to soft and dampers too hard in dynamic mode, and "gravy like" in standard. Did not effectively control body roll.
      I felt there is still an extra amount of road/tire noise on XC90 2020 compared to XC60, but the xc60 has a terrible wind noise in comparison.

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      To my knowledge the R-Design is just a bunch of cosmetic add ons both externally and on the interior. No change to the chassis from other models. There is standard suspension (Probably what they are calling Touring) and air suspension (what they may be calling dynamic) and both are available on the R-Design.

      The Dynamic mode however does effect the suspension setting for the dampers (Shocks) and the air suspension if you have it but this occurs on all models not just R-Design. That is the closest we get to a sport chassis.
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