My mother bought a new 240 GLT Turbo in either 1983 or 84. It was auto with tan interior. Dealer claimed it was the only forest green 240 Turbo imported to the US that year. Dealer was in Barrington Illinois. I always looked throughout the years when ever i saw a forest green 240 on the road but never saw a GLT. I tried contacting her original insurance company for the VIN but they were no help. She traded it in a looonnnggg time ago for a "Sterling" I'm sure the car has been since scrapped and recycled or is replenishing the earths minerals. I sent an email to Volvo requesting production info with no response. Just asking if anyone here might be able to confirm or deny the rarity claim. I still remember cleaning the Virgo wheels and how well they looked and contrasted against that forest green flat paint.