Ed-Oorklep's 2006 Magic Blue 2.0T Manual V
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      Ed-Oorklep's 2006 Magic Blue 2.0T Manual V

      Since I've been working on it quite a bit lately it was time to give the V it's own thread.

      It's a V70 2.0T (5cyl) Magic Blue Pearl which looked like this when I bought it:

      IMG_7426.jpg by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

      IMG_7428.jpg by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

      IMG_7431.jpg by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

      The plans when I got it were

      - Put a carkit in it
      - resurrect the Imiv that is in
      - Find keys for the hitch
      - Maintenance
      - Remap of the ECM
      - Find a set of Nebula rims
      - BC Racing suspension
      - Egg crate grill (from an S60).

      That would kinda make it look like this when finished:

      blue-Nebula by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

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      Small history of the volvo's I owned:

      First one wasa Titanium grey V40 Diesel:

      Car.jpg by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

      Which had Eibach springs, some 17" dark grey Rims, White Sidemarkers, a Powerbox and probably more that I don't remember.
      I sold that because I got a new job and the travel distance didn't make up for the Diesel cost anymore (we have to pay a set amount based on the weight of the car and the fuel it runs on here).

      Then I bought a Sapphire Black V40 2.0T (4cyl)

      IMG_8902.jpg by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

      Mods to this were, Smoke sidemarkers, changed the headlights to HID units with black inlays, 17" Arcadia rims, tinted windows
      This one developed a cracked block after a few months of owning it so I took it apart and sold it in parts.

      The 3rd one was a Black S60 T5

      cleaned by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

      It had a Heico Exhaust, downpipe, remap (it had about 300hp), BC Racing suspension, Projector retrofit and a lot of other stuff. Really great car untill someone cut off my wife on the highway and it ended up in the guardrail picture of the crashed car. I'm in the process of taking it apart and using some of the parts on the current car.

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      Back to the V70 and what has been done to it so far.

      Install car kit = Done
      I put the small screen into the center console so it is invisible.

      Replaced all orange bulbs for silver ones:

      IMG_20190706_121006 by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

      IMG_20190626_211247 by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

      Maintenance = Done
      Replaced all filters, spark plugs, Ignition Coils, Top Engine mount for a PU one
      Painted the Engine Cover gloss black & added an MCM sticker ;-)

      IMG_20190815_103719 by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

      Polished the headlights
      Not satisfied by the result (lenses have cracks on the inside as well) so I will replace the lenses this year

      Installed the wheel spacers that were on the S60:

      IMG_20190920_135224 by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

      Found a set of Nebula's:

      IMG_20191026_165215 by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

      Got a remap power increased from 180hp to about 220-230hp
      Installed the 3" downpipe from the S60, even more increase in power, butt dyno says significant but no numbers known.
      Got the Imiv working, so can stream via 3.5mm cable from my phone.

      To be done:

      - XC90 brakes:

      IMG_20191019_165450 by ed-oorklep, on Flickr

      - I am setting up a Raspberry 3 to use with the original RTI screen to have up to date navigation (waze) and stream music (spotify).
      - Paint the rims in the darker colour that the P80 Titan & Peg rims have
      - Replace the lenses of the headlights and remove/recolor the orange reflectors because they are ugly.
      - Egg crate grill, had a S60 grill left over, currently in the process of cutting it to fit the V70 surround (only the chrome edge). And then join the 2 pieces together.
      - BC Racing suspension, 1 corner of the S60 set was damaged in the crash so I'm looking if I can replace only that one (since it was basically brand new) or the fronts only, if not possible I will buy a complete set.
      - Mud flaps, I like the look of the stock ones and with the spacers the wheels throw up quite a bit of dirt.
      - Replace/rebuild the mirror turn signals with flowing led strip

      Possible future plans....
      - Maybe swap the 16T Turbo from the T5 onto it but then the power will be too great for the clutch so that will need to be replaced as well
      - 2005 S60 front Bumper or an R bumper
      - Paint the bottom plastic trim in the cars colour
      - Repair/Repaint the leather on the seats (they are neat but not perfect).
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      Looks great. I'm sure people will be curious to follow how you do the grill, as this is a great idea. Cut with a dremel a little at a time? How will you join the two together? You should document with pics!
      "The Real IPD" - ZZZZZZZ's thread
      2007 Passion Red/Gobi VRgt; 2005 Silver/Beige Leather S60 2.5T AWD; 2002 Silver/Off black leather V70XC
      Past: 1999 Tropic Blue/Green/Oak leather V70 (NAa); Mom traded 1975 Maroon/Maroon leather 164E

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      Quote Originally Posted by ZZZZZZZ View Post
      Looks great. I'm sure people will be curious to follow how you do the grill, as this is a great idea. Cut with a dremel a little at a time? How will you join the two together? You should document with pics!
      I'll take some pics along the way. I indeed cut it with a dremel bit by bit, now gotta sand the edges so that they are flush and then start on the V70 grill.
      I already test fitted it and the S60 grill is a few mm too wide for the hole in the V70 bumper so that will also need a bit of shaving.

      I am planning on joining them together by some 2k automotive grade glue that we use at work but I guess something like JB weld or some other glue that is useable outside would work just as well.

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      Took some pics of the W.I.P.

      So far I only hacked off the edge of the S60 Grill:

      And did a test fit:

      It fits, kinda. It's not obvious in the pictures but the S60 grill is a few mm too wide for the hole in the bumper but nothing that cannot be solved by a little bit of dremel action.

      The tabs circeled below also need to be removed since the 2006 V70 Grill has the tabs in different places and on the outer rim.

      next steps are cleaning the cuts up since they are quite rough in some areas and then cutting up the V70 Grill. Progress is slow since I don't have much spare time on my hands atm so don't expect any results soon...

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