Can I (realistically) add factory remote start? 06 S40
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      My car did not come with remote start. I'd like to add it, but am unwilling to pay dealer prices (if they'd even offer such a service) and don't want to mess around with aftermarket stuff.

      Is it possible / realistically feasible to add after the fact? Has anyone done this that we know of? I'd imagine there are antennas and modules missing in my car, and obviously new keys would be involved. Haven't looked in to it extensively yet, figured I'd ask here first in case the response was "been tried, never done successfully" or "impossible" or something.

      I do have VIDA/DICE.

      06 S40 T5 AWD : DO88 intercooler : 3" EST downpipe : Eibach springs (1" drop) : Magnaflow cat-back exhaust : Hilton stage 2.5 tune

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      No, not without aftermarket stuff.

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