WTB; 2005-07 XC70 Front Bumper cover
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      WTB; 2005-07 XC70 Front Bumper cover

      Hello all,

      Just purchased a 2006 XC70 that is color code 454 (Ruby Red Metallic). When I purchased car it had been smacked on the right front corner and damaged the bumper cover, headlight, washer bottle, fog light wiring, inner fender plastic, right front fender and plastic flare. It also damaged the bumper cover mount bracket. So I have stated putting things together for fixing it ASAP. Have the new light, side blinker and am looking at replacing fogs with led driving lights as I now live in the country and need better lighting to see deer etc.

      Parts I am looking for;

      Face lift front bumper cover in the “umber” color I believe. Looking for as complete as possible, meaning, mounts for wheel sides, bolt covers, skid bar/plate, and inner mounting pieces. DO NOT NEED ALUMINUM CRASH BAR. Do not need for lights. Do not need washer nozzels. Do not need grill

      Right front inner and outer fender. Looking to find good condition Ruby Red Metallic (Color Code 454) fender with XC 70 flare in Umber color in place. Does not need to have side marker/blinker light. Would like if at all possible to have inner fender plastic still attached.

      Really, these are the only parts I am having trouble finding so, thought I would post here and see if anyone just happens to have the correct parts hanging around. If you do have parts then just message me here and I will get back to you. For ref sake, the car only has 128k on it and lived its whole life in a garage, was deal maintained on a monthly schedule by the owner. So the car, other than the broken bumper cover, light, and very minorly bent (but creased) fender, this car is near perfect. I have no clue why the didn’t want to fix it other than being over 125k miles. Just shake my head every time I see it in my driveway.

      Anyway, thank for looking and hope that someone can help get this beauty back to 100%.

      2002 S60 AWD (171,000 mi, stock so far, FOUND third gear)
      2002 V70XC (185,000 mi, was Daily driver now burnt exhaust valves on #4)
      1995 Saab 9000 CS (ZF Gertrag Auto, over 250,000 mi. 30+ mpg back-up car)
      1994 Saab 900 Turbo Classic Convertible (Auto, 124,000 mi, parade car)

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      If it's worth it, the bumper covers are still available brand new for $584 from Tasca Volvo. They ship, it costs about $150 or so more. I've spent the money several times for various bumpers and only once been dissatisfied due to the paint flaking off very easily on my current C70 bumper. You wouldn't have that problem.

      2003 C70 T5M Convertible - Eibachs, Koni FSDs, Enkei RSF5s, OBX downpipe, Snabb intake, RIP kit, & drop-in intercooler, Quaife LSD, 19T, Green Giants, 22 psi Hilton tune.
      2006 V70R M66 - Sonic Blue/Nordkap, 2.4 T5 motor, Snabb intake & intercooler, IPD oval exhaust, stock turbo and tune (for now).
      1966 122s - Collectible project, restoration and many mods on the way.
      2005 V50 T5 AWD - Daughter's first car. No mods unless she does 'em herself.

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