2007 S40 2.4i automatic.

About 2 weeks ago I started getting an intermittent check engine light. Connected a regular OBD-II scanner it read a P0305 - fifth cylinder misfire code, cleared it and ordered a set of plugs since I have no idea when the previous owner changed them.

A couple of days went by, CEL on again, same code, cleared it.
Another couple of days went by, I get the CEL again and as I connected the scanner expecting the same P0305 code again, this time it was an P2402 - Powertrain - Evaporative Emission System Leak Detect Pump Control Circuit High. Since the gas in my country is of terrible quality I thought maybe it was an one time error, cleared it again to see what comes next.
Next came, in about 2 days, P043E also EVAP related.

Now it basically cycles through these 3 codes every 2-3 days, within a minute after startup (not each startup, only once, after I clear the code I'm usually fine for about 2 days). Could there be any other reasons besides a bad Lead detection pump? I'll change the spark plugs this week, but I feel like they won't fix anything.