MY2021 V-60 R-Design News?
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      Cool MY2021 V-60 R-Design News?

      I know it is early....But.....Does anyone know any news about MY2021 for the V-60 R for OSD? We will be ordering this as soon as they release the program. Planning an August 2020 OSD delivery. Summer slots are limited and we want to be there with our $4K as early as possible. And thoughts or rumors welcome.

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      No official news or rumors to my knowledge, but I sure would love if they re-offered the T6 trim, and maybe a standard T8 trim outside of the P*E Model.

      I am SURE if enough people complain and request it, it will get back to Volvo corporate eventually and they might make the change.

      The V90 is a pretty good example of this, as it wasn't originally supposed to be sold here but so many Volvo die-hards up in arms about it so they made it available via special-order only. Especially being how much of a price jump the V90CC was from the XC70. I don't see why they couldn't do this with the T6's and possibly T8's for the V60 being that the T6 was already here and certified for 2019... I feel that most customers wanting the R-Design trim on the V60 would be springing to the T6's... Let's face it, I would say 75% of the wagon buyers left and the ones looking for a perfect all-round sporty/performance vehicle.

      If you ask me (just my opinion) they kinda bit themselves in the a** with the V90CC pricing. So many people who bought XC70's simply didn't/couldn't afford the higher price on them, and if they could, they couldn't justify it. And, no one wanted to/was going to trade from an XC70 to a last-gen V60CC if they truly valued the space and S80-level comfort the XC70 offered. Not to mention, the V90CC sales have been pretty weak compared to how strong XC70 sales were, and it is all because of the pricing/lack of incentives. Customers went across the street and bought pretty nice Outbacks at Subaru, lol. Again, this is not fact to be argued against, just my opinion and experience having worked at a Volvo Dealer in Sales.
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      I’ve been in talks to purchase a 2021 (since we’re so close) V60 CC ASAP. My contact expects to get the 2021 info in April. I’m ready now 🙂 I know it’s not exactly the same thing but thought I would share!

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