cooling fan issues
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      cooling fan issues

      Greetings, I have had issues with the cooling fan on my 2002 V70 X/C. First it overheated and I noticed that the connector between the fan and the wiring harness had melted. Fixed this and thought the problem was fixed. The car again got hot and the fan did not start. I check and found no voltage at the connector. Went looking for a fuse, but can't seem to find one. Anyone have any suggestions?

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      cooling fan issues

      Yeah, give up on troubleshooting and just go pick up a replacement fan at wreckyard for a few $.

      Oh wait did you mean no voltage feed TO fan? Hmmm. But maybe there is only voltage under certain conditions? Ie when fan needs to be on...have you got VIDA? You could turn fan on through controls to verify that it works. Or I suppose you could wire up 12v to fan and manually drive it.

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